Easy Egg McNothin’

I. love. breakfast.

Maybe it’s because food just tastes better when you “break fast,” or maybe its because it involves some of the most palatable foods on earth, namely eggs and bacon. :)

Though I tested positive for an allergy sensitivity to eggs a few months ago, I’m not convinced the results were accurate. The nutrient profile of an egg is too incredible to deprive my growing baby in utero, any way (I’m at almost 6 months!).

Plus, I went into a mild depression without them in my life. Breakfast didn’t have that same allure. Baking wasn’t nearly as fun.

Speaking of fun, I recently discovered the joy and deliciousness of HOMEMADE Egg McMuffins.


They are wayyy, way better than McDonald’s version on so many levels, as I dished in my post here! At “just 300 calories,” you’d think they’d boast healthy ingredients. Quite the contrary, my friends. Have a look for yourself:

Source: Foodfacts.com

Source: Foodfacts.com

With just 25 minutes from scratch to plate, these truly are a healthy REAL “fast food!” They’re great hot out of the oven, or as leftovers for lunch or a snack. Enjoy!

Easy Egg McNothin’

*Makes 6

6 slices of organic meat (Ham, turkey breast, chicken, etc. Watch out for nitrates in the ingredients!)
6 organic eggs
Sea salt, pepper, basil, and cayenne pepper to taste


1. Line a muffin tin with 6 muffin cup liners, and place organic meat slices in the muffin cups.


 2. Crack eggs into each muffin cup, and sprinkle seasonings on top according to taste preference.


3. Bake at 350 degrees for 15 – 20 minutes, until the egg white is thoroughly cooked, and the egg yolk is slightly cooked but not dry.

4. ENJOY!!!

easy egg mcnothin

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32 responses on “Easy Egg McNothin’

  1. This is fantastic! I’ve been making bacon egg quiches in a muffin tray and even though I spray it down it’s still so tough to clean. This meat cup is an excellent idea! I will be doing this soon!

  2. Thanks for the recipe. I am allergic to chicken and chicken eggs too, BUT have discovered that I have no problems with other poultry. I use duck eggs one-for-one in recipes with total success. I also eat them for breakfast and they taste the same – the only real difference is a firmer and slightly larger yolk. I buy mine from the local co-op. Good luck!

    • Fantastic! I supposedly am allergic to ALL eggs, unfortunately. :( After writing this post, I got on the bandwagon of avoiding eggs again, and unfortunately (or fortunately) feel better without. However, I have hope that I can eat them with continued healing! Thanks for the kind thoughts!

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  10. Will these keep? Could I make them the night before, or keep a few in the fridge to grab as I go out?

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  12. Have you ever tried refrigerating these and eating them they next day? I am thinking these would be the perfect breakfast item each day this week but I was sure how well they would re-heat?

  13. I just made these with chicken and they are delicious BUT mine stuck to the paper linings. Maybe try to grease with olive oil prior to making if you are using a lean meat? Thanks for the great recipe to try!

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