My Philosophy

Low fat. No fat. High fat. Low carb. No carb. Slow carb. Keto.

Dazed and confused? I was!

The field of nutrition is constantly evolving with new, sometimes contradictory science, mixed with old paradigms that just won’t die.

Let me help you cut through the confusion, stick to the latest scientific research and basic fundamentals, and equip you with SIMPLE, practical how-tos of it all.

The core fundamentals below are my general approach to wellness for resilient, radiant health and performance. It’s time to start honoring your body and respecting what it has and can do for you!

1. Eat real food.

Not the packaged, processed, fake stuff. Food that grows in the ground (or that has a mother) works FOR your body. It talks to your cells much differently and has a health protective effect!

2. Count nutrients, not calories.

Counting calories shifts the focus to numbers, and numbers can be confusing and misleading. Nutrients are what actually nourish your body. So eat a wide variety of nutrients – ideally colorful, seasonal, and local – which have the most nutritional bang for calorie. Like eggs, spinach, butter, and… liver. 😉

3. YOU are your own best expert.

You have DNA unique to only you. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to nutrition and lifestyle. Take ownership, learn, experiment, adapt, reflect. If you’re not getting results, try a different direction.

4. learn to eat for your lifetime.

Diets are short-term. They have rigid rules. And they detract from intuitive eating, hijacking the process of actually learning and implementing valuable wellness skills for long-term health. Find your “why” – your REAL why – and let that be your intrinsic motivator for discovering sustainable, balanced health practices for the rest of your life.

5. Progress, not perfection.

Pressure to be “perfect” causes people to quit early. Your problems didn’t happen over night. Fixing them probably won’t happen over night. But, doing just a bit better on a daily basis will get you HUGE results over time.

6. Pay attention to the other stuff, too.

Even if you eat perfectly or exercise every day, there’s so much more to the picture of health. Like stress and sleep and hydration and healthy relationships!

Ready to look, feel, and radiate your best self? Work with me.