3-Layered Paleo Shepherd’s Pie

It's 5 AM, and I'm STARVING. I roll over to my left side and try to quiet the hunger pangs that have been building for the last 30 minutes. I can just picture my baby girl inside screaming, "Feed me, mama!!," so I finally get out of bed. *Sigh*… what to eat? Having...

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Jules’ Fuel: Top 10 Posts of 2013

What a crazy year! (Then again, isn't that what we always say?) From living in Serbia and Germany…. visiting Nashville, Greece, Paris, and several German cities, I've been just as busy growing a baby and crossing the halfway mark to my Master's in Holistic...

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Easy Egg McNothin’

I. love. breakfast. Maybe it's because food just tastes better when you "break fast," or maybe its because it involves some of the most palatable foods on earth, namely eggs and bacon. 🙂 Though I tested positive for an allergy sensitivity to eggs a few months ago,...

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