5 Steps to Easy, Low Stress Meal Planning

What's for dinnerrrrrr!?! I KNOW you've asked this. We've all been through some sort of meal rut at some point, because easy and low stress don't usually coincide with meal planning. And I'm in mine currently. With a 1-year-old who eats everything and a 3-year-old who...

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The BEST 5-Minute Dairy Free Ice Cream!

No ice cream maker. Dairy free. Craving something sweet without added sugar. T-minus 5 minutes to eating it. Welcome to my night! Thanks to some Insta inspiration earlier this week, and the fact that I conveniently already had chunks of frozen banana in the freezer,...

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Easy Crockpot Taco Meat

I'm all about EASY these days. With 2 hungry toddlers, fancy Pinterest food just isn't on my urgent & important list of things to do. BUT, healthy and nutrient-dense are. So where are all the recipes that take 10-20 minutes or less, taste...

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My Hack for Better Sleep!

Deep in dreamland, I'm abruptly woken by familiar cries down the hallway. A shot of adrenaline runs through my belly. It's 3:15 AM. I'm SOoooooooo e x h a u s t e d. For the second time of the night, I drag my body - which feels like a sandbag, open my bloodshot eyes,...

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