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About one year ago, I received an email from Jimmy Moore, a highly respected, well-known blogger, author, and influence in the low carb movement.

Would Kyle and I like to be guests on his podcast, Low Carb Conversations, along with his co-host, Dietician Cassie, to talk sports nutrition?

Absolutely!! As a former collegiate athlete and wife to a professional basketball player, sports nutrition is a HUGE passion of mine. Working with two collegiate basketball teams in the recent past has only helped me to realize this further. Ironically, though, as high achieving athletes, both Kyle and I struggled with our own respective health issues eating the “conventional athlete’s diet,” as outlined in my post here.  

Unfortunately, we were living in Serbia at the time, and with Kyle’s practice schedule and the 6-hour time change, timing didn’t work out to record the podcast.

Fast forward to one year later, and our schedules aligned.

As the first married guests on the show, Kyle and I had a blast talking real food and sports nutrition with Dietician Cassie and her real food dietician guest co-host (Jimmy Moore is taking time off to write a book)!

In the podcast, Kyle and I share stories about being athletes and eating real food, and chime in on the following topics:

  • 9 foods an athlete would never eat
  • Coca-Cola, sugar, and why it’s not about the calories
  • The effects of gluten on health
  • Ways to use exercise to minimize stress
  • How chemicals in food alter health

To listen to the podcast, click here!

Or, you can listen to it in iTunes here (episode #98).

For more information on sports nutrition, check out my “Sports Fuel” section here.