I’ve had enough.

On a daily basis, I see these glamorous, Pinterest-pretty photos of ice cream all over the place. I know you have, too!

And I always get sucked in, excitedly reading the ingredients and instructions, until the last step or two calls for an ICE CREAM MAKER.

While this is probably something economical that would complete my kitchen, I travel too much to be able to consistently use and enjoy this item.


So, I decided there has to be a compromise to make a delicious, dairy-free ice cream of sorts.

After all, it’s pretty much a summer necessity!

Enter this simple, ice cream maker-free recipe that I (and you) can make in any kitchen around the world.

Not only is it delicious, natural, and easy to make; it’s low in sugar and glycemic index (especially compared to conventional ice cream) so your health doesn’t miss a beat! Enjoy!!

chocolate vanilla ice cream



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