5 ways to undiet

45 million. The total number of Americans that DIET each year.

$33 billion. The total amount spent ANNUALLY on weight loss products, according to the Boston Medical Center. 


Is that not disturbing?!

Despite the incredible amount of time and dollars invested in “dieting,” we all know that diets. don’t. work.

Moreover, they cause terrible all-or-nothing psychological guilt (you know what I’m talking about!) and leave us worse off than before.

Clearly, there MUST be a better way to health and life than dieting.

The Real Meaning of “Diet” 

The funny thing is, the word “diet” wasn’t intended to take on this short-term, “starve yourself, eat ‘low calorie’ and ‘low fat,’ and weigh yourself every day” connotation.

After all, its Wikipedia definition states:

“…The sum of food consumed by a person or other organism,” or the specific intake of nutrition.

Ironically, diets do exactly the opposite; they diminish the purpose of consuming food as nourishment, intuitive to our bodies’ needs.

They’re also a quick fix to a greater root problem – unhappiness, stress, emotional problems, or even lack of knowing what is nourishing (like good fats!) due to the brainwashing of our conventional food system.

Join the Un-Diet Revolution

Just like science, technology, and culture evolve, it’s time that the perpetual diet dogma is put to REST.

Let’s start a revolution, the UN-DIET Revolution:

Where we’re free to achieve vitality without strict rules, societal judgment, and negative self-talk.

Oh, and be “naturally attractive” like the women in this photo. 😉

Source: laborenglishzone.blogspot.com

Source: laborenglishzone.blogspot.com

So, how exactly does one…“un-diet!?

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