The Traveler’s 10-Minute Fitness Plan

Traveler's 10 Min Fitness Plan “Nothing is certain in life except change.”

We’ve all heard this common (and true!) phrase, and within this whole category of change, I’m adding a subcategory that I has most certainly been a constant in my life…


From traveling as an athlete in college, to making weekly trips across country as a marketing associate, to covering 5 states in sales, to moving overseas to several different countries, my life has and continues to revolve around travel!

The upside?? 

I’ve been blessed with many culinary adventures, opportunities to see the world, world perspective, and fascinating cultural experiences.


April 2013: In Kissamos, a city on the Island of Crete, with my sisters

The downside?? 

With 300,000+ frequent flyer miles and a gagillion miles via car, train, and bus to date, I can tell you first-hand that travel

From jet lag to different foods and foreign bacteria, travel isn’t always sexy (ever heard of “traveler’s diarrhea?”)!!

Lack of time, lack of exercise equipment, lack of money, and lack of MOTIVATION can all interfere with our body’s natural need to MOVE while away from home.

The Shortest, Most Efficient Exercise

But, I’m here to tell, you, these are not viable excuses anymore.

Whether short on all of these mentioned above, you can do your body and your health a major boost by exercising while traveling.

After all: “…Experts say that moderate physical training leads to an increase in sleep length and nighttime alertness” when dealing with jet lag!


You only need 10 MINUTES from start to finish.

How does just 10 minutes accomplish this!?

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  1. Hello there, I hopped over to your website page via Pinterest. Not something I ordinarily read through, though I enjoy your ideas nonetheless. Thank you very much for putting together something worthy of reading!

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