“FitFuel Seminar Series: The Nutritional Truth for Optimal Living”



A few weeks ago, I decided to join the local 8th Day Crossfit gym in downtown Grand Rapids, since Kyle and I are around these parts longer than planned.

And after attending a “Free Friend Friday” class with a friend (thanks, Shannon!), I was HOOKED. I’ve never experienced such a combination of competitive, yet friendly people ready to go to work in the gym!!

I was so inspired, that I reached out to the co-owners to see if there was a need in the gym and community for guidance on nutrition.

Indeed, they confirmed there was a need and generously told me to run with my nutritional seminar ideas that were brewing in my head (typical me with nonstop brainstorming!).

Aaaand the seed has been planted!

Those conversations and ideas have now bloomed into a 4-part seminar series, which I will be delivering to the open public every Tuesday in November. 

Beyond learning about awesome nutritional information, you’ll get:

1) A deeper dive into nutrition!

The four seminars will be a deep-dive into the nitty gritty questions that most high level overviews don’t have time to touch on.

2) A chance to form lasting change.

Let’s be honest, it takes about three weeks to form new habits. By having the consistent seminars, my goal is to help keep the momentum going and reinforce awesome nutritional changes for the long-term. (Especially with holidays coming…!)

3) Handouts and tons of applicable, affordable ideas for your everyday lives.

Please sign up as soon as possible, and please share with family and friends so that we can prepare accordingly with materials and seating!

Sign-Up, Payment, & More Info. Here! 

For sign-up, payment and more information, please visit this link: FitFuel Seminar Series

The flyer below includes an overview –  share with others around you! I look forward to this opportunity to inspire healthy living, and to seeing as many of you there as possible!

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  1. Wow Jules! This looks great! Hope you get a great turnout! Let me know how it goes! :-)

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